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What is the load cell

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 The load sensor is actually a quality of the signal means into a measurable electrical output . Yin sensors must consider the actual working environment in which the sensor , this is essential for the correct selection of the weighing sensor , it is related to the sensor can work as well as its safety and service life , and the whole weighing the reliability and security sex . On the basic concepts and assessment methods weighing sensor main technical indicators, old and new national standard qualitative differences

The traditional concept of a load sensor weighing sensors, force sensors collectively , with a single parameter is measured to evaluate its characteristics . Old GB to application objects and use a completely different environmental conditions " weighing " and " force " the two sensors into one to consider, for testing and evaluation methods did not give distinction. A total of 21 GB of old indicators were tested at room temperature ; with linearity, hysteresis error , repeatability error , creep, additional temperature error and zero rated output additional temperature error 6 maximum error indicators to determine the weighing sensor accuracy class , are represented by 0.02,0.03,0.05 .

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