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Weighing sensor sensitivity and sensor replacement problems

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When we select the load cell , indicating that the sensor will have a lot to tell us the performance parameters of this sensor , which creep, temperature drift, accuracy , repeatability , and so on . One of the most important parameters --- sensitivity , it is generally marked as follows :
Sensitivity 2 ± 0.002 (mv / v)

This sensitivity is what does that mean ? This is an important performance indicator biography is , of course, other indicators are also very important, but when we choose to use the sensor , this indicator will directly affect the use . In fact, it means that the sensor being rated in tension ( if the full scale is 200KG , its nominal tension is 200KG) to do with the next in the excitation voltage ( also called for the bridge voltage , input voltage ) 1v of the case , its two outputs will be pressure 2mv changes. Of course, the excitation voltage is greater than the actual work will be 1v, usually 10v to 12v. If a sensor 200KG , its sensitivity is 2 ± 0.002 (mv / v), which excitation voltage is 10v, then the tensile force under 200KG , the output of the pressure change is 2 * 10 = 20mv. We choose the sensor , often three or four at the same time in parallel , must be required to be the same as the sensitivity of each sensor to be used simultaneously. If you do not make the same throughout the scales are not allowed to put a thing in a different place with a different scale will display the weight . If the sensor when replacing damaged , but also to find the same sensitivity and range sensors, other indicators can be ignored, as long as these two indicators the same , without considering the stability , size, etc. premise that different manufacturers of sensors together with can.

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