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Load cell replacement tips

Time:2015.12.03    Click:

Step 1 
First, disconnect the power 
Second, take off the table 
Third, loosen and remove the screw connection of sensors and on the scale body 
Fourth, remove the mounting plate 
Five, flip the scale body remove the screws on the back of the connection 
Sixth, remove the sensor 
Seven, with the installation of a new type of sensor based on the reverse order 

Step 2 
Eight, adjust overload (with feeler six point gap is overloaded up to standard) 
Nine, the bottom line will be constrained through the uprights from the Ministry of 
X. harness excess squeezed from the bottom column (note corner handle) 
XI, connect sensor harness 
XII examination angle difference 
XIII re-calibration (see Instrument commissioning training)

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