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Industrial sensor fusion technology

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Industrial automation , sensor technology has been a concern . Sensor fusion of these years in the manufacture of industrial automation comes into production a hot topic . Sensor fusion concept began in the 1960s , now evolved into a new level , which is the topic of data fusion is closely linked to the new grid around the sensor , and the sensor grid discussion covers ( wireless ) sensors , networking and other areas .
Sensor fusion also can be understood in two ways: sensor prior knowledge ( indirect fusion ) or from scratch ( direct integration ) . Is thought to produce a more simple : using all available information, combined , form a better information. Better information means more accurate than a single or separate data sources of information , more complete and reliable. Distinguish and classify that data is how to combine . Assuming the batch to be identified a large number of machines or various production steps to verify and control . In the latter production process , a large amount of information can be used, but because many of the current test information is not given application controller / device through , so no information is not shared . And if the information is available , able to adapt production to check the system becomes more streamlined and cheaper , but also to reduce waste , so that sensor fusion is very important.
Sensor fusion can significantly promote manufacturing small and medium volume production , because the information it collects data and individual objects can achieve a more flexible production . Early in the production process , more and more users are transferred from the final inspection line detection . By the result of the manufacturing process and sensor data checkpoint combined error can be detected quickly . Especially for existing sensor fusion plant energy management, status monitoring, and the new system requires a large amount of information is very useful for predictive maintenance . A lot of information available, but not the ultimate purpose for collecting information . For example , data can be collected from the energy meter or other equipment in the AC drive ; vibration is measured by a sensor in the controller .

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