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Factors affecting the stability weighing sensor

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The so-called stability of the machine itself is able to maintain the original performance. However, the factors that influence the stability of the load cell is a more thereof. Let's say that factors that influence it.

First: is the natural weather. Especially in hot weather . Weighing sensor surface is coated with a layer of material to go , if long-term exposure to the sun . His outer protective layer will be destroyed in . Thus affecting the performance of the interior of some of the basic machine itself , which can not guarantee its original performance. Thus its stability changed out.

Second: that some special conditions. For example , cold and wet weather , but also often suffer from dust or weather outdoors. Such a case, the load is extremely likely to cause a short circuit within the sensor circuit . Thus affecting the stability of the machine .

Since the load cell is a third powered machines, so it do not just suffer a strong acidic or highly alkaline substance in contact with . After contact , not just that the stability of the machine can not be guaranteed. While its machine will be compromised .

Fourth: the use of load cells , they must have put away easily catch fire or explode easily place articles . Because the load when the sensor is in operation will release large amounts of heat. Thus affecting the normal operation of the machine .

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