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Junction box connection

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First, the load cell junction box connection
 The load cell cable through the weighing platform , after sealing joints into the junction box , according to the different color four-core or six- core cable , or power was measured by the positive and negative incentives , positive and negative feedback , positive or negative signal to corresponding terminals on the terminal box . The sensor cable remaining tied with plastic ties .

Second, the junction box is connected with the weighing indicator
 Will be dedicated shielded cable at one end by the gland into the junction box , each wire junction box connected to the corresponding terminals on the other end through the metal pipe welded to the weighing indicator corresponding to a special plug for insertion into said re- display meter outlet.

There are three things to note :
1, input , output line junction box connected, to tighten , tighten securely and sealed joints , put desiccant moisture work to do before fixing the junction box box board ;
2 , for different load cell , according to a different color to distinguish between input , feedback, output , must make no mistake ;
3 , for different weighing indicator , weighing using sockets, plugs form is not the same , then the method is more different, do not mistake .

Third, the system ground
Ground electronic weighing system is very important , both to protect the personal safety , but also to ensure the system is stable and reliable grounding system must not be taken lightly. General electronic weighing system has two ground , one pound of ground piles room that instrument chassis ground ; another weighing platform is grounded with a grounding cable or several roots , the scale body is connected to the ground pile .

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